An office or a workplace is a direct reflection of the people present there. The personality traits inevitably seep into the environment, and essentially make the workplace what it is. More and more people today are choosing to work from shared workspaces today, and gone are the days where such setups were only used by large organizations. The range of people utilizing such setups has grown tremendously! Here are some personalities that you will most likely find at a shared workspace today:

  1. The Remote Worker

As more and more enterprises are striving to build flexible work environments today, the concept of remote working is on the rise. Remote workers, thus, are always a constant at a shared workspace. They may be full time employees of organizations that are out of commute radius, or part time employees who work with many different organizations at the same time. They may also serve global markets, and will thus prefer the consistency of dedicated workdesks that they can build into their own, custom professional spaces.

  1. The Freelancer

Freelancers and shared workspaces go hand in hand. In fact, some of the largest shared workspaces in the world are also most used by freelancers, since they don’t usually have a home office or a fixed enterprise that they work with. You may find them working with all types of clients, ranging from local businesses, thought leaders or even large global businesses. They are most commonly found at the flexible workdesks, since their deadlines mostly vary according to business requirements.

  1. The Startup Founder

These entrepreneurs are yet another classic customer for shared workspaces. Mostly, these are the kind of people who have just started out on their business journey, in need of temporary office space, because the survival of the startup does not have any fixed timelines. These entrepreneurs are also more often than not the workaholics, and you will find them to be the ones coming in first and leaving the last. They would also generally have their own teams, and would opt for team suites and dedicated workspaces, along with virtual addresses for handling mailing and packaging. They will also be the most enthusiastic about organizing small events and workshops that enhance learning for everyone!

  1. The Employees on the Run

Most corporate employees have to travel for business pretty regularly these days, and also take care of work and deadlines at the same time. Working out of a shared workspace for a couple of days in a new city is much more convenient and conducive as compared to shifting to a new cafe with Wi-Fi every 3-4 hours. The travelers, thus, more often than not end up using daily or weekly passes that shared workspaces offer in order to work seamlessly from whichever city they are in.

  1. The Digital Experts

For the digital nomads, their laptops are their best friends. These people are mostly social media influencers, digital marketers and writers who are constantly moving from one place to another. They may stay in one place for a day, a week or a month, and they generally do not have permanent offices, but are always in the need for flexible workspaces and work desks with basic office facilities. Their journals and Instagram accounts will always be full of new things to look out for, and you’ll always find a cup of coffee or two at their desks!

Identified with these personalities? Tell us which one you identified with most!

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