Modern workplaces are nothing like the traditional. One term that is used often when describing the workplace of today is ergonomically enabled. The word ergonomic comes from the Greek terminology ergon which means work and nomos which means laws. Hence it roughly translates to laws of work. There are numerous benefits of implementing these, and the advantages are both financial and cultural. The biggest enterprises in the world including Google and Microsoft are using ergonomics today. Here's why most new workspaces and especially shared ones use the philosophy today:

 1.    Reduced fatigue:

Ergonomics looks at how people interact with their bodies during work. Sitting in the same spot for more than half the day causes massive physical and mental stress to us and the greater the stress, the greater the need to eliminate it. An ergonomically enabled workspace prevents fatigue, discomfort, and pain due to incorrect workplace design and practices pain limits on our ability to perform and think. It's helpful in restoring some much needed energy to us!

 2.    Long term health benefits:

Sitting hunched over a computer may mean that there's little or no time for physical activity and exercise. This means more of the ached and pains, weight gain, always staying tired and musculoskeletal disorders. Common problems like the swelling of legs due to improper seat height and strains throughout the arms due to disproportionate distances gradually fade away when ergonomics are implemented and the body is allowed optimal blood flow. An ergonomically enabled workspace can help employees take care of themselves better and reduce the chances of these disorders, keeping them more healthy and fit in the long run. 

3.    Happier employees:

In the competitive world of hiring (and retaining) the best talent, your investment in ergonomic solutions for the workplace will not only help you attract employees, you’ll also likely see improved productivity and retention rates. With improved ergonomics comes a fresher perspective, better work environments and collaborative learning, that are all add ons for both the organization and the employee!

4.    Cost optimization:

Often, the solution for the most complex problems are quite simple. The methods of making a workplace ergonomically enabled may seem a little cost intensive at first but it's a onetime investment. All the above mentioned points contribute to ultimately a lower rate of attrition and higher retention capacity for enterprises all around the world. And really the maths is simple. The happier employees are, the better it is for the business!

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