The world is evolving at exhilarating pace today, and these transformations are changing entire industries altogether. The traditional workplace is no exception. As the world changes, so do the expectations of the workforce. It is thus no surprise that the number of shared workspaces is steadily increasing today. This is not just a trend that will die out soon, it's a trend that has completely shifted the business landscape across many different countries! India has the world's largest youth workforce, and for a country like us, it's important to take note of this and adapt accordingly.

Shared workspaces offer tremendous opportunities for employers and enterprises alike and if you look at it closely, the concept is almost like the best of both worlds. With flexibility, collaboration and convenience at their core, employee wellbeing is ensured. It is then up to the workforce to make the best of these spaces to enable greater personal and professional growth.

Whether you're aiming to be productive without a lot of socializing or trying to build a strong professional community, the way you approach your workplace is important as it sets the tone for not just you, but your peers as well. And the more involved with this community you are, the better chances of strong professional networking you have. One meaningful conversation can open multiple doors to success!

The first step towards making the most of a shared workspace is taking initiative. Be proactive about taking part in activities at the office and you will learn so much through just that. Interact with people who are not cued into your line of work, and Collaboration will follow. This is a great way to pitch for referrals and build connections within the industry.

The next step is accountability, which comes with discipline. Prepare a routine and be ardent about following it. Set timers for how long you’re going to work, and have intense focus and maintain breaks to keep your workday on track - take a walk or having a conversation. This will help you plan things better and stay on top of the game. Don't start with being too stringent. Chart out a flexible routine that's comfortable, and stick to it. Resilience matters.

It is little things like these that make the most difference in the longer run. Don't believe us? We urge you to experiment and see for yourself!

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