The way you work shapes up your personality, both professionally and personally, in more ways than one can imagine. In a world that evolves with the speed of thought, new age work environments have already surpassed the traditional. As shared workspaces and co-working spaces become popular with today's workforce, remote working is becoming a trend. Whether it's freelancers, digital nomads or full time employees who work remotely, there's something in it for everyone! Here are a few lessons that remote working can teach you!

  1. With great power comes great responsibility. While remote working gives you the flexibility and ease of working in your space, at your own pace, it also teaches you professional accountability, since you work according to your convenience and comfort zone. The ability to work seamlessly without constant reporting is tough, and professional accountability is thus a value everyone should strive to learn.
  1. You're not alone. Remote working and utilizing co-working and shared workspaces gives you the chance to build your own network from scratch. And this does not stay limited to your line of work. There are so many other types of people who one interacts with and learns from almost every single day, and these lessons are not just professional. They shape up an individual’s personality, and in some cases may even transform it.
  1. The rules only work if they work for you. Shared workspace offer collective, collaborative and flexible environments that focus on employee wellbeing. These environments in the long run foster great individual and team efficiency, keeping the productivity bar high. It thus also fosters healthy competition along with a sense of working more productively, and this is something strict rules often fail to do.
  1. When working with traditional corporate setups, employees rarely have time for themselves. 9 to 5 is never really a 9 to 5, the working hours often stretch beyond. It is more likely that these people will find themselves stuck in a rut, owing to tight schedules and strict workplace rules. But that’s not the case with remote working, especially when people opt to work from shared workspaces. A more well rounded, holistic work life balance can thus be maintained, and this enables an all-round growth, which is much more beneficial in the long run.

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