You leave the house at 8 am, without eating breakfast. The struggle to get quick, inexpensive public transport to reach the office every morning is real. And the same cluttered work desk awaits. Backaches and headaches are your constants at the workplace, and somehow you manage to pull a late night, after which all there’s left to do is go home and sleep. Wake up the next morning. Repeat.  Sounds familiar?

More than half the professionals working in a corporate environment will agree that it’s easy for burnout to seep in. But gone are the days where only corporate setups exist. We’ve moved to a day and age where employees are given as much importance as clients, and workplaces are becoming more and more mindful of how workers lead their lives. Shared workspaces for the win! Here are a few ways in which such workplaces can help you build a more holistic work-life balance.

1. Flexibility = More efficiency

This is valid especially for freelancers and entrepreneurs. Working from home is comfortable, yes, but it gets too comfortable at times. Working in a shared workspace ensures a distraction free environment which ensures more productive routines, sticking to the schedule and better focus. The flexibility to work at your own pace is the foundation of a healthy work life balance. Lesser hours, but more productivity!

2. Downtime

Shared spaces are more employee centric as compared to traditional work environments, which means that their functioning is not as rigid. Taking downtime in the middle of a hectic day is more than okay, rather, encouraged. Most co-working spaces also ensure they have some options to relax and rejuvenate and then get back on the job. Some even have short activities that keep the momentum up!

3. The Happiness quotient

Every observer will agree that co-working spaces offer a much happier environment to employees as compared to corporate office setups. And the happier you are at work, the happier you are in general. A shared workspace is much more than just a desk that you use. It is an environment that enables you to thrive, personally and professionally, without the hassles of administration or management. Can’t get better than this, can it now?

4. Stronger communities

Shared workspaces will include people who are not necessarily from your profession or field of work. You get to interact with, mingle with and work with a diverse set of individuals who bring their own strengths and experiences to the table, adding a whole lot of value to the workplace. That’s tremendous learning, and healthy competition! A great community is the true enabler of work life balance, because these relationships will often transcend professionalism and encourage you to build more personal connects.


The rise of shared workspaces, thus, is like a breath of fresh air amongst corporate environments that can lead to burnouts at very early stages. At Que Spaces, we acknowledge this and do our best to keep you first, not the workplace. Visit our website or schedule a visit for a first hand experience!