Co-working spaces and shared workspaces first started becoming popular around the mid 2000s, and if we look at the stats today, more than 14,000 of them already exist worldwide. That means an average of approximately 1000 have come up every year, and that’s almost like a mini revolution! Something is definitely working! Many researches have been conducted in the last few years and they all point to one conclusion: employees working from shared workspaces thrive more in these spaces as compared to traditional offices. Greater levels of flexibility, better work environments and higher productivity are all contributing factors. Here’s how working from a shared workspace can help you grow:

  1. Greater sense of professionalism and credibility

According to a survey conducted by the Harvard Business Review, working from an actual office or workspace as opposed to working from a coffee shop or home adds legitimacy and credibility to the work being done. People who use shared workspaces, thus, see their work as more meaningful. Shared workspaces are usually accessible at all times, and employees can work according to the structures they set themselves. There is a higher sense of pride and confidence in the work undertaken as well, as compared to traditional remote working.

  1. Better impressions on clientele

Especially in the case of young entrepreneurs, small teams and startups, working from trendy, modern shared workspaces can make a much more positive impression on clients. It adds greatly to the overall brand image, which creates more visibility and enables business growth. A better client impression gives remote workers a new identity and boosts morale, which in turn enables them to thrive both personally and professionally. 

  1. Sense of community

Unlike a traditional office, shared workspaces have different members from various companies and walks of life who work out of there. The sense of community is much higher, and employees are more culturally driven, since it nurtures a sense of belongingness within its members right from the beginning. This is a highly collaborative environment where social interaction is encouraged and each workspace has its own vibe. When a space aligns with employee values and identities, they it gives them a greater sense of work satisfaction. A community like this also enables them to connect with likeminded people, and make the office a happier place. 

  1. Mentorship, motivation and inspiration

Shared workspaces are the best hub for networking opportunities and finding opportunities to collaborate. Networking becomes extremely seamless when there are talented working professionals all around. Employees often find great mentors and co-workers who keep them motivated. It is often the spaces around us that inspire us the most and shared workspaces are great at driving this inspiration.

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