In all things of nature, there is something of the marvelous


The working professional of today is very different from one of a few years ago. Most of spend an overwhelming amount of time inside our offices today, and hardly have any time to step out. This often adds more to the daily stress and may sometimes even be a cause for concern. After all, everyone needs to be around nature to help us connect with ourselves better. 

Biophilia refers to the fact that we as human beings have an inherent bond with nature. It doesn’t matter if we can’t step out, but we can always bring nature to us! With enterprises like Amazon leading the way, more and more offices are now trying to incorporate biophilic design into the workplace, and here are the different ways it can help:

  1. Visual appeal

That’s a no brainer. Who wouldn’t want a workplace that’s far from the conventional, and reminds them of the world’s natural beauty. Having a biophilic design greatly enhances the visual appeal of the workplace. Studies have also shown that a mere exposure to the color green is enough to help individuals focus on their work better. Think about it yourself, would you rather work in a congested cubicle or near a wall that’s lined with trees? We’d definitely go for the latter!

  1. Enhanced efficiency

The presence of natural elements like plants, water and open spaces with more air has proven to be a great efficiency enabler for teams and individuals alike. Being in the presence of nature not only boosts morale, but also reduces mental stress and fatigue. It caters to all our senses, whether it is tactical, auditory or olfactory, and gives people a chance to even hear themselves think. All of this ultimately contributes to better workplace wellbeing and the general happiness quotient of the team. What more could you ask for!

  1. More creativity

There truly is no better inspiration than nature itself, and we think you’ll agree with us on that one. Biophilic designed spaces have the potential to almost transform you out of the four walls to the office and help you focus on the things that really matter. They create visually and emotionally stimulating environments that inspire and propel creative thinking for almost every job function. That’s something worth exploring, right?

  1. Better staff retention

The main reason offices choose to incorporate biophilic design is to focus on staff wellbeing and make them feel more comfortable, and if you have a workplace that shows how much it cares for its employees, the gesture will not go unnoticed. Research and surveys have already shown how much having biophilic design breeds collaboration and innovation, and it also goes on to say that workspaces with such designs have a much lesser attrition rate as compared to stringent work environments. Better staff retention has a direct impact on the business’s bottom line, so this is definitely worth considering, especially for entrepreneurs and startups!

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